No One Ever Thought It Would Get Better

I remember playing NCAA college football 2003 and thinking, “This game is absolutely incredible…how can they ever make this better?” Then I said the same thing in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008. Even though I didn’t think it could be done, the game makers continue to outdo themselves year after year. The truth of the […]

Be Relevant

Looking for a way to increase your influence? Build a following? Engage with your social network? Here’s a way – BE RELEVANT! That doesn’t mean find out what’s “trendy” and do what everyone else is doing, but rather be radical in your own way. Challenge people to think differently about their lives or important topics. […]

What Happens When You Talk

You’ve probably noticed that I ask a lot of questions on social media. I also ask for different PERSPECTIVES. For example, I saw a lot of people agreeing with James Harrison’s thoughts on “Participation Trophies”, so I posted the article and asked for the perspective of those who disagreed with Harrison. Why ask so many […]

A Tale of Two Mindsets

Two of my favorite books are “Relentless” and “The Go-Giver”. I get a lot of questions around that, as the two books have very different messages. Relentless favors relying on your raw animal instincts to deliberately and aggressively pursue the things that you want. It also clearly states that you can’t be truly “relentless” in […]

Good Idea? Bad Idea?

A lot of people say to me, “Blake, I have an idea – will you let me know if you think it’s good or bad?” What I have come to realize, is that the idea doesn’t really matter.  The real question is, “Are you capable of executing?” You could have the greatest idea in the […]

What People Say & What You Do

People will talk.  Sometimes all people do is talk.  There are people who will try to undermine everything you do. They will diminish every accomplishment and belittle you to keep you from setting out to accomplish more.  There are also people who will praise everything you do. They will boast about your every accomplishment and […]

When Will It Slow Down?

I’ve made the funny mistake of thinking, “Okay, once I accomplish this list…things will slow down.” The problem is that I am way too hungry to think that way. I want it all, so for me IT WILL NEVER SLOW DOWN. ATTACK. DONE. NEXT. It goes back to my “Life Experience” blog post.  My “life […]

Work-Life Balance

A lot of people ask me, “How do you maintain a work-life balance”? I’ve tried to get my head around this concept of “work-life balance” for some time, and I simply can’t do it.  I really don’t even understand what that means. Having to act a certain way, or be a different person during different times […]